EU Seventh Program

Compiled list of P recovery from the wastewater stream facilities 2017

Recent sewage sludge valorization/disposal routes in Germany and Europe

P-REX: Risk Assessment and Fertilizer regulation – A valuation with respect to recycled phosphorus materials from wastewater

P-REX Deliverable D4.1 - Comparative review of ash processes

P-REX Policy Brief - Phosphorus Recycling - Now!

P-REX Deliverable D11.1 - Report on market for phosphorus recycling products

P-REX Deliverable D11.2 - Pre-Normative-Matrix, Fertilisation Schemes and Legal Framework for Phosphorus Recovery and Recycling

P-REX Deliverable D5.1 - Description of sludge related processes

The P-REX Deliverable D5.1 describing the P recovery from sludge (aqueous and solid phase) is ready for download:

P-REX market stakeholder workshop response to European Commission Consultation on Sustainable Use of Phosphorus submitted

During the P-REX market stakeholder workshop in September in Podebrady (CZ), about 60 participants discussed issues also addressed in the commissions consultation.

Please find the joint response signed by several participants, that has been submitted November 28th right before  submission deadline (1st December) ready for download.


download here : >>>

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